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The Fit Gamer Podcast

Mar 26, 2018

Roman played A Way Out

Lots of Far Cry 5 talk

Random news in the world of gaming

Bad guy always win

Mouth breeder Roman

Seperate those workouts



Mar 19, 2018

Luigi's bratwurst close to 4 inches! Far Cry 5, will micro transactions really matter? Controversal video game banned in several countries. How much protein can we digest in one meal?

Mar 12, 2018

We begin the episode with talk of gaming as usual. Some of the topics are:

- The Division 2

- Black Ops 4

- Exciting VR title Beat Saber

- Super Smash Bros 


Then we move onto some movie talk, Tomb Raider for example.


Then we finish strong with some workout talk.

- How much protein is needed each day?

- Have...

Mar 7, 2018

PUBG for consoles? Can they even manage PC? Marvels new Black Mamba talk & much more gaming related talk.